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Internet 'domain jacker' jailed for 20 years over armed website heist
He demanded that Ethan Deyo, 26, get on his computer and transfer owenership of the internet domain name from one account to another. After being pistol-whipped and repeatedly targeted with a Taser, Deyo gained control of the handgun ...

City officials: Eminent domain will not be used in pipeline project
I don't want to design a pipeline over property that I don't think I can get." When asked if eminent domain would be considered during land acquisition, City Manager Jerald Gilbert said, "We don't even mention that word." "The city is working very hard to ...

How to Get a Website up and Running in Five Steps
A domain is your address on the internet. It is the name that visitors will type into their browsers to find your website. If you’re using, a free plan will get you a domain name with “WordPress” within it (, while ...

Man gets 20 years in prison after trying to steal domain name
It's unclear why Hopkins wanted the domain name. The records say Hopkins acknowledged breaking into the man's home on June 21 last year, brandishing a stolen handgun and demanding that the man get on his computer and move the domain name of doitforstate ...

15 tech upgrades you can get for free
You get an initial 5GB free and can purchase more space if and ... If you’re interested in classic literature, LibriVox specializes in public domain works, read and recorded by an army of volunteer narrators. 6. Free product samples In a similar vein ...

Ed Sheeran Defends His 'Thinking Out Loud' in 'Let's Get It On' Lawsuit
Sheeran was sued nearly 2 years ago for allegedly jacking the heart of Gaye's sexy song, "Let's Get It On," for his hit track ... the similar elements of 'LGIO' are unprotectable, public domain elements. He also claims there are little to no similarities ...

Hey Google: Stop Trying To Patent A Compression Technique An Inventor Released To The Public Domain
Despite noting that he can't afford to hire a patent lawyer, he's been trying to get patent offices to reject this patent ... While that's true, that's no excuse for locking up what's in the public domain and promising to treat it nicely.

Rescuing Rapunzel: Suffolk Law Professors and students work to keep fairy tale princess in the public domain
Last year Curtin discovered United’s Rapunzel trademark application while researching for an article about trademarks and the public domain. She asked Darden ... that “[s] ometimes questionable marks do get approved, especially when unopposed.”

Which Android phones get regular security updates? Here's a hint
We've got regular OS updates, sure — and info on the various phone-makers' performance in that domain is readily available ... Google is clueing us in on which phones we can trust to get security updates in a timely and reliable manner.

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