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Cert NZ gains access to withheld domain name data
The Domain Name Commission and cyber security bureau CERT NZ have agreed to share some domain registration information to help enhance cyber security. The two organisations inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), under which CERT NZ will use its access ...

Domain name businesses ordered to pay $2 million for "misleading and deceptive" correspondence
The Federal Court of Australia has ordered two domain name registration companies to pay a combined $1.95 million for attempting to dupe Australian customers into buying new domain names by issuing deceptive 'renewal' invoices. The Australian Competition ...

Reseller hosting for startups: an opportunity to earn extra
A domain name is obligatory along with web hosting services for every customer of a reseller hosting so that the visitors can access the hosted content. You can help your customers to succeed online and ultimately increase your revenue by offering the ...

Most Abused TLDs Put Under Spotlight by Spamhaus
Spamhaus which has been tracking spam and related cyber threats since 1998, says some domain name registrars and resellers knowingly sell high volumes of domains to bad actors for profit, and many registries do not do enough to stop or limit this endless ...

Nominet throws out US corp's attempt to seize Brit domain names
A British domain name reseller has won an appeal against an American multinational that tried to have it stripped of a parked domain, having rebuffed an offer to sell the disputed moniker for up to £20,000. In a rare appeal case, Nominet's Dispute ...

Tucows is launching for gated Whois
The company has set up the domain name According to a message the company recently sent to resellers, the site will be updated in “the coming weeks” to allow parties to submit an application for access to Whois data. It plans to limit ...

Ask HN: Is it stupid to buy from domain resellers?
I am trying to buy a domain name (for an example site as part of a book I am writing). It could be anything - but I have plumped for However is taken by a reseller called - for 1300 USD.

Capcom Registers Devil May Cry 5 Domain, Reveal Must be Imminent
Like the ones that seem to suggest Devil May Cry 5 to be present at E3 and the catalog that turned up on a reseller’s website ... Turns out Capcom has registered the Devil May Cry 5 Domain. Considering this has been done right before E3, a lot of ...

Heads Up, Fake Apps: Ads.txt Is Coming For You
The only problem with the reverse domain method is that it relies on the app stores ... “Ads.txt is about authorized resellers and Ads.cert is about authenticating what you think you’re buying,” Buchheim said. “You can go to an authorized Rolex ...

Registrar Shuts Down Pirate Bay Domain Names
The responsible registrar appears to be, which is a U.S. based 1api/Hexonet reseller. TorrentFreak has asked Idotz for a comment but we were informed that they are unable to respond to third-party queries regarding domain names due to customer ...

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