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Using Your domain Name in China
Gandi has been accredited by CNNIC since 2015, allowing us to sell .CN domains (the country top ... outside of China), there are no additional steps required to register your .CN domain name. However, if you intend to host your data with a Cloud hosting ...

Five Best Domain Name Registrars
A domain name is the magic that turns a raw IP address like into a human-friendly chunk of text like Here’s a look at five of the most popular domain name registrars ... the majority of us are looking to register domains ...

WIPO sides with IBM in domain name dispute
IBM owns trademark registrations in 170 countries covering goods and services related to IT, including ‘IMB Watson’, US trademark number 5,082,512 ... letters composing the trademark to register as a domain name”, according to IBM.

5 Events That Have Triggered A Domain Name Registration Gold Rush
Within minutes of the smoke changing color, domain name registration speculators snapped up hundreds of domains with the words “Pope Francis“, hoping to cash in on sudden demand. It’s not an unwarranted hope: sold for thousands ...

Whois? More like WHOWAS: Domain database on verge of collapse over EU privacy
At the end of a week of meetings hosted by domain-name overseer ICANN, the US-based organization's proposed interim model lies in tatters, and there is no sign of a forthcoming solution before the May 25 deadline, when the General Data Protection ...

Domain names: getting real
... the name of its foreign principal in the US. The principal asked the court to order that the local distributor transfer the domain name. The judge found that this was an abusive registration in that it took unfair advantage of, and was unfairly ...

Domain Extensions Can Make A Difference To Your Business
India is the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the world and has 42.50 million SMEs but the domain penetration rate in India is 1.1%, compared to 3.6% in China and 43.6% in the US ... that you can register your firstname-lastname domain names for personal ...

TP-Link forgets to register domain name, leaves config pages open to hijack
Unlike most other vendors, however, it appears that TP-Link has failed to renew its registration for ... but Dan tweeted that domain name brokers are offering the more popular of the two for $2.5 million. This high price tag is perhaps why TP-Link has ...

A Brief History of the Domain Name
That number has expanded to 265 million names registered globally, according to Verisign's Q3 industry brief. As the world celebrates the web's 25th anniversary, it seems fitting to acknowledge the network addresses that help us navigate through the ...

Pirate Bay Founder Launches Anonymous Domain Registration Service
“Think of us as your friendly drunk (but responsibly so) straw person that takes the blame for your expressions,” Njalla notes. TorrentFreak spoke to Peter Sunde who says that the service is needed to ensure that people can register domain names ...

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