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The Internet Has Run Out of Four-Letter Dot-Com Names
We’re not even just talking about pronounceable four-letter combinations, like eBay, Yelp ... the good news is that domain names have become less important over the years as people navigate the Web via Google search rather than by typing URLs into ...

On eBay, Some Profit by Selling What’s Free
The seller’s name ... to find,” he said. Other sellers have gotten into the business since Jeffrey started doing this seriously in 1999, so sales are down somewhat. He estimated that there are 10 to 20 people selling public-domain material on eBay ...

Streamzy Done Streaming, Up For Sale On eBay
Now that popular music streaming service SeeqPod has decided to sell its source code to developers to spawn more clones, one of the media search startups that ... unless of course if it’s just for the name, logo and domain name.

10 Entertaining eBay Facts You Might Not Know
Long before AuctionWeb existed, Omidyar went to Sacramento to register the domain for his planned business name Echo Bay Inc ... The Perfect Store: Inside eBay, a book explaining the story of eBay. Above you'll find the original logos for ...

Paris court says Ebay misused Louis Vuitton words in search advertising
... said the tribunal had found Ebay liable for "harming the trademark and domain name of Louis Vuitton". For its part, Ebay said the words were commercial links used in search engines to redirect consumers to Ebay to buy genuine Louis Vuitton goods.

Just Askin' | Local domain-name squatters
In the past, has been a landing page for links to local resources, according to past versions saved in the Internet Archive, but it now redirects to, where Toeppen keeps a list of other domain names ... public to find a site of ...

Dash in Domain Name: Never Use a Hyphenated Domain Name
It’s solid proof that the right keyword rich domain name will out-rank a hyphenated domain name in the search results every time. Don’t use a Hyphen in Domain Name, here’s proof of that. Once the SEO challenge was over, they wanted to see if it was ...

Era of the eBay-Like Underground Markets Is Ending
It probably wasn't a good idea anyway: Creating an underground online market with all the features of eBay, but offering a smorgasbord ... DNS as a way to preserve anonymity when registering domain names and avoiding censorship. Projects include Namecoin ...

GDPR And Domain Names - What You Need To Know
Today, I'm going to discuss GDPR's impact on the domain name system and WHOIS details ... can sometimes identify whether or not one entity is owned by another You can find alternative contact information for a hard to reach individual or company You ...

Prima Locksmith Announces New Web Domain Name
Sacramento, CA - Prima Locksmith, a veteran provider of professional locksmith services in Sacramento, is pleased to announce it has secured a new web domain name. The new Prima Locksmith ... domain ensures customers can find us more quickly and easily.

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