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Why $10,000 For A Domain Name Is Still Cheap
total monthly estimated cost $30,000 or more. If you spend $10,000 on a domain name your only future expenses are the $8 a year in registration fees - not even $8 a month … actually less than $1 a month. Of course there are other expenses such as ...

30+ Tools to Name and Register Your Domain
Has received some criticism in the past years, but it's still quite cheap. - An Australian domain registrar and also offers a name assisting tool. - Offers registration along with buying and selling services. ...

Cyber squatters target UK bank domains
Research by threat intelligence specialist DomainTools has uncovered over 300 registered domains using the names of five of the UK's top high street ... monitoring for fraudulent domain name registrations and defensively register their own typo variants.

Go Daddy to sell .xxx domains
The company has not yet announced pricing, but other registrars have started advertising .xxx domains for a minimum of $75 per name per year – about ten times the price of the cheapest .com domain rates. Go Daddy ... General registration in the new ...

Dot London: City launches own domain to boost online presence
ICANN’s Vice President for Europe, Nigel Hickson, said that, in addition to country-specific domains such as “.uk”, there are currently ... Hickson noted that it is not cheap to run an entity to register and sell domain names, but hoped the impact ...

New web domain names 'mean big business'
He has invested plenty of his own money in an ambitious attempt to secure his own top-level domain, which he hopes will be seen as a welcome alternative to a .com suffix. The process was not cheap by ... which is the name of the managing ...

Hackers using 'cybersquatting' tactics to spoof websites of UK's biggest banks, standardchartered ... for fraudulent domain name registrations and defensively register their own typo variants. It is better to lock down typo domains than to leave them available to someone else. This is a relatively cheap insurance policy."

'Accidental hero' triggers 'kill switch' to halt spread of ransomware behind NHS cyber attack
A 22-year-old UK ... name made up of a series of apparently random letters in the malware code and purchased the site, not realising at the time that the move would stop the virus. Purchase of the domain reportedly cost $10.69 (£8.30), marking a ...

Correction: Global Cyberattack story
A corrected version of the story is below: An alert researcher, cooperation helped stem cyberattack An alert researcher, a cheap domain name, cross-ocean cooperation ... researcher and an inexpensive domain registration, with help from another 20-something ...

22-year-old cybersecurity researcher helped thwart unprecedented cyberattack
A 22-year-old cybersecurity researcher and a cheap domain registration helped thwart the cyberattack that ... That registering the domain name and redirecting the attacks to MalwareTech's server had activated the kill switch, halting the ransomware's ...

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